Assembly & Packaging

We provide many services to ease your business load. Don't be bogged down with those time-consuming tasks that take up valuable production time. Pass them onto Willing & Able Foundation's competent assembly team.

All work is completed to each client's specifications in a timely manner. Willing & Able has many local business clients.

Packaging, sorting & light assembly contract work is performed at our Jindalee Road warehouse facility. Clients provide all supplies to be assembled/packaged/quality tested/checked etc & Willing & Able staff promptly get the job done.

Assembly contract projects

Willing & Able Assembly section is able to take on a wide variety of contract projects, such as:

  • Heat Sealing
  • Product Quality Testing
  • Collating & Newsletter Inserts
  • Product Labelling & Bar Coding
  • Binding Training Manuals, Magazines into plastic book covers
  • Stamping/Stickers on receipt/invoice books - preparing other office books
  • Tri-folding, enveloping, affixing stickers, mail outs etc of business promotional materials
  • Product Assembling & repackaging i.e. marketing folders, set up of client/customer folders, cake boxes, medical supplies, training packages.
  • Rectifying printing errors
  • Book binding services (combs and sprial)
  • Many more, just ring us with your needs to discuss an obligation FREE quote

Price Guide: (Current as at April 2016)

Collating, Newsletters, Mail Outs:

Tri-fold, insert into envelope & affix address sticker

$0.10 per unit therefore $100 for 1,000 units

Client folders/Training Manuals:

$0.90 - $1.20 per unit (includes maximum of 10 items) More will incur additional charges

Promotional Bags:

$1.50 to $2.00 per bag (includes 10 items or less in each bag) More items will incur additional charges

Training Manuals & Other Binding:

$0.90 (includes maximum of 70 pages) More will incur additional charges

Product Testing, Heat Sealing & repackaging:

Priced to the clients specifications - please contact us to obtain a quote

Product Labelling & Bar Coding:

Priced to the clients specifications - please contact us to obtain a quote

Stamping/Stickers on Receipt/Invoice Books & preparing other office books:

Priced to the clients specifications - please contact us to obtain a quote

Ordering Details

Minimum Order: $50.00. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Price Guide amounts are ex GST and are based on labour component only - client to provide all supplies.

For personalised quotes, please ring our main office on (02) 6581 0939

Helping the Environment

Material Recycling (Rags)

Willing & Able Foundation cuts & makes up rag bags for a substantial number of local businesses. Bags measure 50cm W (20") x 90cm H (36"). There are many fabrics to choose from based on your mop up or polishing needs:

  • Towelling 4.5 kg
  • Flannel 4.8 kg
  • White or Coloured Cotton 6.0 kg
  • White or Coloured T-Shirt/singlet 7.5 kg

Current Price: $12 inc gst per bag, weights are approximates.

Orders are essential as they sell FAST.

Please phone our main office on 02 6581 0939 to place your order.

Promotional Materials

Willing & Able Foundation assembly team completes many promotional contract works for local businesses

  • Product promotional Bags
  • Conference Bags
  • Business Expo Bags
  • TAFE Student Association Bags
  • Membership & other Mail Outs
  • Assembling & packaging various other items that can be included in bags


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