Our History

The Willing & Able Story

We were originally known as Q Robin, commencing with the opening of a school for the intellectually disabled in Wauchope in 1966. A definite need to cater to adults was realized and that resulted in a sheltered workshop/activity training centre being opened in 1975 in Port Macquarie.

In 1984 we became the Challenge Foundation of NSW.

In 1986 the Disability Services Act was introduced, which gave our organization a new strength to create public consciousness and provide awareness of our services.

Jindalee Enterprises and Workteams were then developed, which focused on providing supported employment for adults with intellectual disabilities. The various business entities were born over the following years and our goal was to grow the businesses and increase awareness of our mission. We were always striving to educate the community to accept people with disabilities as relevant, valuable members of society.

In 1992 we were known as the Hastings Foundation Limited and in 2007 yet another name change ‘Willing & Able Foundation Ltd. including a new logo design which has given us modern appeal and a memorable local image.

How we fund our organisation

Willing & Able provides meaningful employment and personal growth opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities largely through our commercial businesses - which not only generate our operating revenue, but also employ more than 30 people. However, as commercial markets become increasingly competitive, the support of the public and business sector is more vital than ever.

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National Standards

The National Standards for Disability Services (National Standards) will help to promote and drive a nationally consistent approach to improving the quality of services. They focus on rights and outcomes for people with disability.

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