Willing & Able recycle a large range of items to reduce landfill.
Computer towers, x-rays, mobile phones, digital cameras, clothing items can be left at the store or collected upon request by phoning 02 6581 0939.

X-ray Recycling

This is our newest venture. X rays have silver in them in the form of 'halides' we have collected hundreds of X rays from the community and also medical centres . These are sold by the kilo, granulated up and put through a process to extract pure silver. Another potential resource instead of waste.

Willing & Able Foundation recycles old X-Rays (both old wet film & new digital film). All private documentation is carefully shredded to protect privacy. X-Rays are passed to our contractor & finely granulated for additional security & privacy. Willing & Able Foundation is supported by many medical services in our local area with donations of old X-Rays. No worries now with what to do with your old X-Rays - help protect our environment & drop yours off at our main office at 39 Jindalee Road.

Helping other Nations

Willing & Able Foundation recycles many items that can also assist others. Excess stock from our Opportunity Shop is put to good use & is sent overseas monthly to help poorer nations:

  • Toys
  • Shoes
  • Hats/Scarves
  • Handbags/Belts
  • Blankets, Sleeping Bags, curtains & other items
  • Table cloths, tea towels & other kitchen Manchester
  • Clothing: Ladies, men's, children's, babies, underwear, swimwear etc
  • Sheets, valances, pillow cases, Doona's & covers, mattress protectors & other bed linen

E Waste

Computer Recycling -

All computer towers are 98% recyclable.
The components recycled are metal, motherboards, power boxes, cd roms, floppy drives, memory sticks, cpu's, disc drives all for their precious metals etc. Cords are recycled for their copper.
Computers that are in working order are refurbished by a technician then sold in our Op Shop.
All toner cartridges from our office or not working donated printers are placed in Planet Ark boxes to be collected.

We sell all kinds of recycled computers & peripherals as well as dismantle & recycle computer towers that have passed their useful date. Every part of the tower is recycled:

  • RAM
  • Plugs
  • CPU's
  • Hard Drives
  • Mother Boards
  • Disc/CD ROM Drives
  • Aluminium heat sinks
  • Ribbon & other cables
  • Sound cards/video cards
  • Steel case & other metals
  • Power Supplies & other stripped of useful copper wire/cords

Reduce landfill & recycle your old computer towers & flat screen monitors by bringing them to our main office at 39 Jindalee Road or pick up can be arranged by phoning (02) 6581 0939

Mobile Phones & Cameras

Willing & Able Foundation also recycles old mobile phones & cameras (both film & digital), memory cards, sim cards, telephone / USB connections and cords, remote controls. These can be dropped off also at our main office at 39 Jindalee Road.

You can find us at

Willing and Able Recycling
39 Jindalee Road, Port Macquarie, 2444, NSW

Contact the team

02 6581 0939

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 8am - 4pm

Op Shop

Any unsaleable large metal items go to Matthews Metal Recycling and all cardboard, books and paper are placed in recycle bins.

We now recycle slightly imperfect clothes, shoes, bags, stuffed toys which go to" One Ten" in Sydney then sent to Africa, on average we pack and send over 1200kg each and every month.

We also send unsaleable towelling, sheets, t-shirts etc to Assembly Division these are cut up for rags and sell to our customer base of over 60 businesses.

Wood Work and Lawns and Ground Maintenance

All sawdust is put in compost bins along with any other scrap timber.
All grass clippings and tree/shrub cuttings go into separate compost bins.

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